On Sunday night, April 16, 2000 I recived the following email from someone claiming to be the owner/creator of the hamserdance site.

To Whom It May Concern: I am the creator of the Hampster Dance. You have reproduced my copyrighted page without my permission at http://greymatter.org/satanichamsterdance/. My site is a childsafe page and your associating the Hampster Dance is not appreciated. Remove your page at once. I have CC'd my lawyer and Business Manger on this matter also. Deidre LaCarte CEO Inner Child Productions, Inc.
Well, obvioulsy my site is a Parody, and I feel Ms. LaCarte is trying to violate my rights as a web publisher and artist. I immediately sent her the following reply, obviously I am being a bit light hearted about the whole thing, but I do take legal threats seriously, just maybe not in a way the one makeing the threats can fully appreciate.

Well.. for one, it came to my attention quite a while ago that none of the
"hamsters" on your site were created by you in the first place. Being a
photographer and a full member of the Graphics Artist Guild, I am fairly well
versed in Copyright laws, and I would not do anything I knew to be illegal in
such reguards.

Second, the Satanic Hamsterdance is obviously a parody of your site. If this is
not obvious, I am informing you right now that my intentions are of parody.
To back my claims of parody I ask that you please email the creator of the
Church of the Gerbil and see what he has to say about my site, I'm pretty sure
he'll agree that, having been an associate of mine since long before I (acting
of my own intrests, not his) created my site.

Third issue I'd like to express to you is that I have gone to great messures to
edit the images I use on my site, and anyone who would mistake any association
is obviously clueless.

Issue 4, to toss at you here, just...pulling this one off the top of my head.. 
I haven't made any money, only taken a loss, on the creation of my site, I do 
not advertise, I do not intend to sell my site, I have absolutely no controll 
over who can access my site, and I belive that is how I will continue to run it.

And finally, with all due respect, if you wish to pursue this matter further 
I can be reached at the apprpriate phone number.
Doug Harroun

P.S. Please contact me via greysoul@greymatter.org for future refrence, I am no
longer affiliated with Adobe Inc. or Photoshop.org

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